Departamentals Solutions



SINFHO© provides a number of useful solutions that support all personnel involved in the cycle of a patient in a clinical management unit or hospital department, facilitating a coordinated and efficient work.
Each user, previously identified, will have available a set of tools related to their specific job profile.

Clinical data management

SINFHO© facilitates the management of clinical data from a patient, by offering a well-structured electronic record of the medical history, adapted to the needs of each service, even when the corporate information system offers no general solution.

Integration Capability

SINFHO© 2.0 is a medical department Information System that can work integrated with an existing information system in the hospital. It is based on a three-layer model, that allows it to tackle integration processes easily, and securely.

Useful Tools


In addition to recording all information on the patient’s Electronic Health Record, SINFHO© is able to exploit these data to provide statistics on service performance and many other aspects related to it.

Internal Communication

SINFHO© keeps offers an internal messaging service, without having to keep mail servers or use any other programs, only to access the application and check the inbox menu.

Information on job status

From the main menu, SINFHO© also provides summaries of relevant information, in order to know online information about what’s going on with the Department at a glance. For example, a physician will know how many patients have seen during the last month, how many discharges during the last week, etc.