Medical Images



This application allows managing all types of medical images and videos.

It includes a module for digitizing analog devices, which integrates several ergonomic features that facilitate the clinician work.

Multiple modalities can be managed with the same application like: retinography, endoscopy, ultrasound, hysteroscopy,… etc. In each case, IRIS Image™ client is configured with its specific needs: location, adapted forms to attach additional information to the study, etc.

The main features of IRIS Image™ are:
  • Automatic loading and previewing images/videos without intervention of the clinical staff.
  • During the capture, and before sending the images/videos is allowed to add location information.
  • Preview images in full screen mode.
  • Ability to add notes directly on the image (text and graphics).
  • Image and videos sending to PACS doesn’t need interaction with the user: is done automatically.