In TESIS we love Innovation and Health Information Technologies. We know deeply the Healtcare Sector and, because of that, we provide our customers with solutions fully adapted to their needing.

Our customers highlight the ease of finding their exact needing in each and every of our products and solutions.

Healthcare sector is a critical one in our Society, and we know it perfectly in TESIS. That is why, moreover our big innovation in our products and projects, we provide the robustness and security required for such an important information managed.


The most important values that describe our company are these ones:

  • Seriousness in dealing with our customers.
  • Honesty and commitment to our employees, offering optimal working conditions and providing them the possibility to combine an attractive professional development with their personal and familiar needing.
  • Team Job . We value each and every of our members (including customers), as a critical part for the good achievement of our goals.
  • Commitment with Society . We offer solutions with a direct impact to the Society, giving solutions to one of the key sectors: Healthcare.
  • Integrity in all our actions and behavior.
  • Sustainability and job retention, to make a strong and cohesive team.


The increase in World population, increased life expectancy, population ageing, chronicle patients increase, etc are the new challenges that must be faced by our Society. To achieve that, a well managed and controlled Healthcare System will give response to many of these new situations.

TESIS will play a very important role in this environment. With our solutions of Health Information Technologies and Telemedicine, we will help Healthcare sector to be better managed, get cost reductions, bring healthcare where any patient need it and, ultimately, turn Healthcare sector into a reference in terms of quality, management and accessibility.